Professional Consulting
Investigate Cases of Toxic Exposure
Investigate The Likely Cause of Illness
Provide a Detailed Report On Medical Cases

Toxi-Health Internationl Services

Provide professional consulting services in forensic and clinical toxicology and pathology to attorneys, physicians, governmental agencies, companies, and individuals.

Conduct investigations in cases of children and adults who are suffering from exposure to toxic agents or adverse reactions to therapeutic agents and/or vaccines, using differential diagnosis to identify the likely cause(s) of their illness.

Conduct investigations to identify the likely cause(s) of illness of people exposed to the unknown agent(s) in a building.

Publish reports in peer-reviewed medical journals on medical discoveries.

Provide a detailed report on  medical-legal cases involving exposure to toxic agent(s) or adverse reactions to medication(s)/vaccine(s) to assist the attorney(s) involved in the case and the court in identifying the likely cause(s) of illness or death

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